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Get Involved

One person can make a change.

One person can make a difference. 

When you get involved with Look Up Lift Up you join a movement to empower, educate, and provide financial stability of every person nationwide. Join us and become a part of the solution to complex issues like poverty, food security, housing, and civic engagement. These urgent issues require resources and Look Up Lift Up works with local and national partners and public, government and nonprofit agencies to align impact with communities that need the most assistance. 

When you give, advocate, and volunteer, your contributions helps our communities grow stronger, and create opportunities that will transform families and communities.

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Volunteers packing food


Sign up to volunteer at events and other foundation happenings.

Volunteers getting donations

Register to Vote

If you are concerned about issues that affect you locally, regionally, or nationally, register to vote and participate in every election. Register to vote today at

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Help us support those who struggle to meet their basic needs. Follow us and share your thoughts and ideas on Facebook and Twitter.

Join other advocates who are fighting to allocate resources and provide effective services and quality programs for low-income individuals and families.

Volunteers collecting money

Share Your Story: Why Do You Love LULU?

As a supporter of LULU, you’ve joined the fight for the people of our community by getting involved, giving, and advocating. We’d love to know more about you and the ways you honor your commitment to Love LULU. We hope you’ll share your story. Let us know why you choose to love LULU by posting a video testimonial on YouTube and sending us the link. And by commenting on our Facebook page. Or tweeting us a mini-story.


Your generous contribution will enable us to provide food, clothing and other basic needs to ensure the financial stability of every person in your community and nationwide.


In Person

Thank you for your support.

You can mail donations to the address below.

606 Nicholson Street NW

Washington DC 20011


We appreciate your generous donation to support the work we do. Click the button to Donate now.


Send a text message to

202-798-3322 to donate

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